Trust God No Matter What!

“Trusting God When Prayers Don’t Seem Answered,” “Trusting God When We Are Hurting,” and “Trusting God When Children Stray” are some of the sections in Darla Isackson’s new 300- page book. The Contents list alone reaches out and promises balm for some of life’s hardest dilemmas. In Trust God No Matter What! you’ll find no “same-old” worn words, but fresh, honest, comforting, enlightening Christ-centered insights.

Here’s what readers are saying:

“After reading Darla’s book, I wish I could live next door to her, go on long walks, visit with her by my fireplace on cold winter evenings and talk about spiritual things. She is so warm and real and she speaks to my heart. Darla starts each chapter with a personal signed note, and the whole tone of her book is full of that same warmth.” – Maryn Langer, author of 12 Christian Historical Novels

“Many authors stay on the safe ground of presenting ideas without letting you inside their personal lives. Not Darla! She writes with authenticity, sharing her most difficult trials and the spiritual lessons she has learned from them.”

“Darla Isackson has the courage and ability to reach deep within her own experiences and heart and emerge with truths powerful enough to change lives. She has mine. I truly believe that the spirit you feel as you walk with Darla will bring greater light to your life as well.”

– Patricia Potts, author of My Journey from Darkness to Light

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