Reader Response: Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide

Why this book may be the one you are searching for . . .

What a compelling book! So comforting. We can only imagine the peace this will bring to those who have lost loved ones through suicide. But this book is not just for them, it’s for everyone. It filled our souls with comfort and solace in the challenges we face, though different. Thank you for revealing a deeper understanding of Christ’s healing power. What a glorious message of hope and love.
—Gary Lundberg, MFT, and Joy Lundberg, authors of I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better

Darla’s book goes to the heart of my issues, dealing with questions such as “where is my son now? Does he know how I’m feeling? Is he okay? on and on . . . . Her writings have helped me so very much—just to know others have experienced the suicide of a precious child and found answers. If it were not for the saving power of Jesus Christ that Darla reminds me of, I would not survive this experience of losing my son to suicide.
—Nancy Hearn

If you are a mother who has lost a child of any age to suicide, this book is for you. Darla’s personal story of loss, interwoven with those of other women like myself, weld a story of incredible comfort from our Creator, hope to go on, and forgiveness. This book is truly a powerful message of hope coming out of tragedy and despair.
—Robynn Kirkham, suicide griever

As I read this book, I felt as though Darla had taken her soul and wrung it out as a gift of love. She had the courage and ability to reach deep within her own experiences and heart and emerge with truths powerful enough to change lives. She has mine. I truly believe that the spirit you feel as you walk with Darla will bring greater light to your life as well.
—Patricia Potts, suicide griever, author of My Journey from Darkness to Light and First Aid for Feelings

What a beautiful gift this book is! A true work of the heart. I was only planning to read one chapter a night, but I couldn’t stop. Darla creates such intimacy with the reader through honesty and caring. Through her words I felt every rock on this difficult path, and yet each one led me to a greater capacity for joy. Her gentleness and clarity combine to make a beautiful, tender, and sensitive body of writing. I feel as if I’m reading the words of a dear friend. What a comfort this book will be for so many people.
—Ann Campanella, author

Just a little ways into this book, my “tell-tale-goose bumps” showed up that I get whenever I hear a song or read a book that I know will be a great classic, long lasting. Even in the Table of Contents, Darla hits the nail on the head of the very questions that would be going through a loved one’s mind and heart. She deals with all the things we need answers to in order to get un-stuck and move on with our own lives. Profound. I will hold onto many of the quotes forever.
—Sheila Wall, writer

You sang my life with your words. Even the details were my experience. I kept bowing my head to say little prayers during the reading. This book is greatly needed and addresses many questions for those of us left behind.
—Phyllis Gunderson, suicide griever, author

It’s amazing how right on you are. Your words make me feel normal—what a good feeling that is. I wish everyone involved with a suicide could read your book. It offers insightful, inspired, and honest information. It is wonderful. Thank you, thank you!
—Bonnie Holt, suicide griever, author of Joy Outweighs the Sorrow

Darla answers questions like, “Why did a loving God allow this?” “Where is the balance between justice and mercy?” “Is there hope for those who have taken their lives once they leave this life?” “Will I ever feel joy again?” “Where is my son now?” and more. Her thoughtful research, capacity for articulating poignantly and authentically, and her prayerful turning to God will bless all who read her experiences, insights, and story of hope.
—Karen R. Trifiletti, M.A.
VP of Content, More Good Foundation
Host, I Believe Podcast: Expressions of Faith

I loved this book. You may think it’s just for other families dealing with suicide, but it also benefits those of us who have “lost” a family member to some kind of addiction. Darla’s book reminds me of the scripture “a light on the hill,” on not hiding it behind a bushel, but shining forth so others may see that light. It inspires others to remember God’s goodness and mercy and love!
—Celeste Tipiani

Your writing is truly the angels singing to my soul, although my grief is over divorce. Like you, I have questioned whether I did all I could and if it could have been different. Your words were water to a thirsty soul.
—Sheri Joi Gehrke

After reading Darla’s book, I wish I could live next door to her, go on long walks, visit with her by my fireplace on cold winter evenings and talk about spiritual things. She is so warm and real and she speaks to my heart. This book is a gift of immense tenderness.
—Maryn Langer, author of 12 Christian historical novels

This is such a poignant story. The healing balm of these words makes you believe, understand, and embrace Christ’s promise . . . I felt the tender softness of broken heart and spirit. I felt Darla’s love and longing for her son. And felt her reaching out to find, not his, but the Savior’s hand.
—Brenda Floyd, mother who lost a son to suicide

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