Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide

Dear Friends,

After three years of “labor pains,” the general market version of my book of comfort for those who have lost a loved one to suicide has finally been born! The newcomer’s name is Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide: Opening Your Heart to the Healing Only God Can Give.

When I researched books available in the general market, I found that memoirs and psychology-based resources about recovery from suicide trauma abound, but I couldn’t find one book based on God and the Bible. Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide fills that gap and reflects the depth of the spiritual journey necessary to rebuild our lives on the Rock of Christ.

This book clearly marks the path to hope and healing, and offers:

  • comfort, as I reveal documentation of the Savior’s mercy to those who have passed on and those who are left behind
  • easy guidelines for healthy grieving
  • an updated list of excellent resources for grievers (online & print)
  • a wealth of reassuring scripture verses
  • enlightening quotes and self-help distilled from dozens of credible sources
  • an invitation to seek the one true Source of Healing

The book is written in the context of my own real, heartfelt story with the purpose of helping readers recover a sense of purpose, hope, and direction. I speak candidly through journal entries, letters, and personal thoughts. I also share my own suffering and show how I’ve triumphed with the help of God.

I take on the most perplexing questions, such as:

Why Didn’t God Prevent This from Happening?
Can I Choose to Turn to God through All This Pain?
Can I Still See God’s Hand in the Broad Scope of Life?
Is the Afterlife Real?
In the Afterlife, Will I Recognize My Loved Ones?
What Can I Know for Sure?

I counter the most common misunderstandings and shine light on the perplexing “whys” of suicide. Many people who are suffering are not getting the help they need. If your life has been shattered by a suicide or you know someone else in that category Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide offers understanding, hope, and truth. I invite you to find it and share it.

Peace, blessings, love, and light,

Darla Isackson

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Published by Bitterroot Mountain Publishing

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  1. Joy Lundberg says:

    Darla, Where can I buy your book “Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide”? I’m going to need two copies for the divorced parents of a young man in our ward who committed suicide last week. Tragic! The funeral was today. Very comforting.

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