Promise of Redemption

I’ve been thinking a lot about the promise of redemption offered to the whole human race. So many of us have loved one who have died without apparent acceptance of this promise. The book, Odds Are You Are Going to be Exalted gives us great hope. Brother Gaskill said,

“The vast majority of all people who hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ (and its essential ordinances) will do so as residents of the spirit world, not as residents of this earth.  [Yet] it has become somewhat colloquial to say, “It is ten times harder to accept the gospel in the spirit world than it is to accept it here on earth.”  It is unclear where this popular saying has its origins.  In actuality, there is evidence that the statement is simply untrue.

“First of all, since we know that more people will hear the restored gospel in the spirit work that will here it here on earth – and most of God’s children will receive their ordinances vicariously in temples while their spirits dwell in the world of the departed – it makes no sense that acceptance of the gospel in the spirit word will somehow arbitrarily be “ten times harder.”  For what reason would God make such the case?  Particularly since that’s the realm where most of His children will be introduced to the truths of Christ’s atonement and restoration of His gospel.”  (Alonzo L. Gaskill in: Odds Are You Are Going to be Exalted, Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008: p. 36)

Sometimes we talk as though the chances for our loved ones’ acceptance of the gospel in the spirit world are slight, especially if they were totally on a different path here. President Wilford Woodruff gave a totally different perspective. He said: “There will be very few, if any, [in the spirit world] who will not accept the gospel. …I tell you when the prophets and apostles go to preach to those who are shut up in prison, and who have not received the Gospel, thousands of them will there embrace the Gospel.  They know more in that world than they do here.”  (Cited in Brian H. Stuy, comp. Collected Discourses Delivered by President Wilford Woodruff, His Two Counselors, the Twelve Apostles, and Others, five vols.  Burbank, California, B.H.S. Publishing, 1987-92, 4:74, 75, 76, as cited by Alonzo L. Gaskill in: Odds Are You Are Going to be Exalted, Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008: pp. 37, 126)

These quotes are full of light and hope and peace for me. The gospel truly is good news!

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  1. Deila says:

    I think you’re right about that, it couldn’t be any harder for all those who have died without any knowledge. I think that walking through the veil at death is like walking out the front door. The spirit world is very similar to this one.

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