Remembering Joy

I ran across my missionary journals the other day and felt drawn to them. How many times in the forty-some years since I served a full-time mission in Southern California had I intended to read them? I brought them upstairs; a few days later, I opened one and began to read. I couldn’t quit. Light seemed to flow from the pages. I had done a good job of recording the ups and downs of missionary life, but was surprised and delighted to discover that the primary, most repeated theme was JOY!

I Had Forgotten to Remember!

Over and over I had written words like “an experience I will never forget,” or “a never-to-be forgotten feeling of joy.” Yet, in fact I had forgotten. Without this written record I would never have thought of these experiences again—at least not in this life. Reading the descriptive words made the feelings of joy swell up once more in my heart. No wonder we are counseled to keep a journal!

I’m anxious to look at my carefully labeled mission slides now (yes, I did serve my mission in the good old days) because I’ve also forgotten most of the faces that go with the names recorded in my journal. Only a few popped up bright in my memory when the written word brought them to mind again. Continue reading